Wednesday, March 24, 2010


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Health Care Bill And Bullock

Still around health care reform bill. Health issues are very important. It is recalled that, in a healthy body there is a strong soul.

News excited about Sandra Annette Bullock who experienced a divorce, they gradually began to shift to the health care bill.

Moreover, the health issue is fully supported by Obama as the new American president. And now, the health care bill has been passed by the parliament.

Obama's visit to Indonesia and Australia which had been delayed due to reasons of health-care bill, may be able to walk as soon as possible according to what has been planned.

However, some people in Indonesia, precisely rejected the presence of Obama, as president of American, as well as someone who has lived in Indonesia.

So, what will happen next with the health care bill and obama's visit, also how the story about bullock's divorce?!!

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